Quadratic Equation

From the last page I wanted to see if the lines I started with, that are going on an angle, match up to H. Rudd’s lines which are vertical. We can create quadratic equations for them easily.

P=21 x=2 c=8
P=273 x=8 c=8
P=1333 x=18 c=8
P=4161 x=32 c=8
P=10101 x=50 c=8
P=20881 x=72 c=8

The next step is to reduce them down to what he calls a ‘base quadratic’. The problem is that is works for his lines but not for mine. His end up without the last term of the quadratic. That guarantees that it can never be prime. See his explanation for why. The fact that mine always have that last term means that that explanation doesn’t work for my lines.So I worked out the Base quadratic for the (P=21 x=2 c=8) line and got:

This formula does indeed create the same line. I think his work because as he uses negative numbers in the formula he hit zero on an integer. When I do it I don’t. For the line above I hit zero at -0.5. The (P=273 x=8 c=8) hits zero at -5.5 and (P=1333 x=18 c=8) hits at -14.5.

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